Monday, April 13, 2009

More Easter Day

Let the egg wars begin.

This is something Joe and his siblings did with their Easter eggs when they were growing up.

Smash one end of your egg against the end of someone else's. Only one egg will crack.

Checking whose was cracked.

Grand Prize:
The winner smiles with satisfaction before everyone finishes peeling and eating their eggs.

After a hard-boiled egg breakfast and getting ready for the day, we were off (like a herd of turtles) for a nice ride through the countryside...

...where we spotted some actual turtles going for a little dip.

Shortly after we stopped to watch all of the turtles, Kathleen announced that she didn't feel very good.

Diagnosis: candy overconsumption

I'm thinking it didn't help her stomach much to be looking at the turtles crawling around in this gross sludge.

See how pale she was? Mary Kate wasn't looking much better!

(Okay, so unfair. I had my flash on, and MK was also victimized in this one.)

This one is a little better!

Jimmer was so kind to organize the candy from Joe's basket.

He sorted each type of candy and put them into individual eggs.
Then he put tape labels on each egg holding Joe's goodies.

B.J. = black jelly beans
J.B. = jelly beans
M.P. = marshmallow Peeps
M.B. = (malted) milk balls
C.E. = chocolate eggs

Then put them in a couple of zip-lock bags. All to make it "easier" for Dad.

So much for a leisurely ride through the countryside grazing on candy for Joe. He had to fumble around the baggies and work at finding his candy of choice all the while thanking Jimmer for helping him make it easier!


mrs boo radley said...

Egg-cracking game! Labels! You guys rock. Love the victim shot. Ha!

Kristin said...

You made me laugh out loud at this one. Your comment on the overly-flashed pic was hilarious! :)

Love the new profile pic, too!!!