Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just when everyone is avoiding the swine... shows up in Gramma's garage--moments after I arrive at their house.

Come to find out that we were going to a pig roast.

Seventy-two pound Wilbur was in the garage to "be prepared" for the roast.

Mary Kate did enjoy checking out the different parts--even the blue eyeball (only one left), tongue, teeth, kidneys, ears, feet, etc.

Here he is all tied up on the stretcher.

Mr. Piggy--icing on the stretcher in the van...

...surrounded by his pall bearers.

We'll see if pork tastes any different after you've actually met the pig.


Angela said...

what is going on here!?! LOL! Ewww- I say! EWWWW!!

Angela said...
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