Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Heirloom from Grandma Hardie

I'm not even sure what year it was (80s?), but my grandma made this beautiful afghan for my mother.

The first time I saw it I wished I could either talk my mom into letting me have it or talk Grandma into making one for me.

It was a special gift to my mom, so I figured I wouldn't be able to pry it away from her.

Grandma had already given me my choice of afghans from her stash--even before my brothers got to choose, so I figured I shouldn't ask her for another. It looked like it took a lot of time and work to make. I didn't want to be so forward.

Years of yearning for that afghan went by, and Grandma passed away.

After a number of years, I thought about that afghan again then realized that Grandma Hardie was the person (along with a little instruction from my other grandmother) who taught me--a southpaw--how to crochet. She hadn't taught me some of THESE stitches, but if I only had the pattern...

After finding it among Grandma's things, Aunt Kay even sent me the well-used pattern that she used.

That was many years ago.

Then I had children.

I know that pattern is around here a very special place. Recently, I was lamenting having to search our backroom (big gasp) to find it.

Then last month while I was in California visiting Mom, I saw the afghan once again. With it on my lap, I searched the Internet for the pattern. To my surprise I found it! The only thing I didn't know was how to do was the afghan stitch. Thanks,

Now, as our crew has enjoyed some family time watching our Planet Earth and Blue Planet DVD sets that my brother gave the kids for Christmas, I've pulled out the yarn and a hook. You know, multitasking.

My progress: one of five panels.

A yarn guzzler.

It's taken two full large skeins of yarn to make just one panel and this extra little bit on the 2nd panel.

That's over 710 yards of crocheting so far.

It's much quicker and easier than I thought though, and it totally takes the edge off after a long day.

It'll be worth it!

What I received from Grandma wasn't the afghan but the gift of learning how to make it myself. If it wasn't for her, I most likely wouldn't have had any interest in learning how to crochet.

My heirloom from Grandma Hardie.


mrs boo radley said...

That's a lot of beautiful yards.

I can see your kids in her--what resemblance!

BrasherGirl said...

That is going to be a beautiful afghan!

Heather of the EO said...

I'm so impressed. Really, beautiful stuff!

Lorie said...

How great! I can't wait to see it completed!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Not only is it something beautiful in the works, I bet it brings you joy in the process with memories of your grandmother and how she has (and continues to) bless your life.

*secretly jealous that I cannot crochet or knit to save my life!

Angela said...

Seriously, Laura- you never seize to amaze me with your creativity and talent. I know how to knit just a straight stitch- but I would love to know more!! The afghan is gorgeous!

Kristin said...

I can't believe what a strong resemblance all of your family members share! Our family looks like a sitcom casting -- we look like we all *could* be related. How neat! And one more talent to add to your incredible list! Holy cow, girl!