Monday, June 29, 2009

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of...Freestyle Motocross

Last Saturday, the boys skipped town and headed to the Fort Worth Stock Yards

to watch this.

(A guy doing a handstand on his airborne motorcycle.)

Here's a pro photo of another crazy jump.

Nuts, I tell you!

The only stop in our country this year for the Red Bull X Fighters.

Too good to pass up, they said.

They didn't even have one Red Bull--they opted for the more hydrating lemonade and water in the sweltering 106 degree heat...for, what, the 14th day in a row at 100+!

The girls and I

stayed home

in the a/c

doing (watching)...

...a few of our favorite things.

Kathleen's favorite part was at the end when the nuns removed the spark plugs from the Nazis' car so the von Trapps could make their getaway. The little pranksters!

We didn't make our own clothes out of old curtains, but we did start on a rag rug for the girls' doll house.

(Fabric cannibalized from a pair of their outgrown capris.)

Then we ate sorbet and went to bed.


Angela said...

It looks like the boys had a ton of fun- what a fun thing for the guys to do! But, definitely a "guy thing." I'd be all about staying home in the A/C watching sound of music, too!!:)

mrs boo radley said...

Sound of Music! Lovely. I dig the cannibalized fabric, too!

Kristin said...

Looks like a perfect day for the boys and the girls! You may not be surprised to know that I was in "The Sound of Music" when I was little. :) But what a great film!