Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From Thy Bounty

I just love dual-purpose trees. They shade us from the scorching sun. Yet, they're doubly dandy if they provide a perfect snack.

How much more perfect a snack can a child have than to climb a tree, sit atop a limb, and delight in a fruit they select and pluck freshly from a nearby branch?

Glorious figs!

Now in season in a neighbor's tree.

It's just not safe to have one family consume a whole tree's worth. Lucky for us, its owners like to spread them around!

Not only is the fruit sensational, but I also adore the fig's leaves. They are just so grand.

They can be used for fanning.

In a pinch, they may also be used as a cloaking device.

They make exquisitely detailed rubbings as well.

(I think we've been watching too many VeggieTales videos, because these figs remind me of the squash guys.)

More figs at home.

Our biggest fig lover.

We can hardly wait for the fall pecan gathering from our tree.

Is there anything bountiful in your (or your neighbor's) yard?


BrasherGirl said...

How nice it must be to have neighbors who share their bounty with you!

Unfortunately, neither we nor our neighbors have any thing worth sharing in our yards. Isn't that sad? My parents, however, have an apple tree, and they gladly share their harvest with us each year.

P.S. Love the photos in this post!

Kristin said...

That is super cool! Both my neighbors have great gardens. Unfortunately, most of the vegetables that are loved in this house are fictional and sing about hairbrushes and cheeseburgers. ;)

Angela said...

I don't believe I've ever seen a fig tree up close like that! Love the leaf rubbings!