Saturday, August 29, 2009

More summer fun...

When the Friday night lights turn back on at the stadiums around these parts, we don't rush into our storage bins to air out our winter sweaters.

Nooooooope....not for a few more months anyway.


You don't have to remind us in these parts that it's still officially summer.

We try to make the most of it and continue with our summer fun...

Our lake-jumpin' monkeys plus one.

Ridin' their rock 'n' roll water taco...into the night.

So, what else do we do around here when we're two days away from reaching the all-time hottest summer record? (We're currently at 67 days of 100+ temps this year; record is 69.)

Go spelunking, or course!

Construction crews found this cave system when they were building I-35. After they drilled down to a sufficient depth, they poured concrete for bridge supports. They kept pouring and pouring...and pouring--then got suspicious.

They found a pretty neat cave, no?

Have you ever been in complete darkness?


mrs boo radley said...

I've been in my share of caves! So fun! Kinda creepy when you think about complete darkness, though.

Heather of the EO said...

How funny that I just read this. We're visiting some caves tomorrow :)

I wish our Summer would stay longer here in Minnesota...sigh...

Kristin said...

Very cool! I do get a bit claustrophobic when I am in a cavern, but they are so worthwhile and beautiful. One of my most romantic dates with Eric was going to Luray Caverns in VA. We don't have any close by that we can just walk in, though! :)