Friday, September 4, 2009

(Need) To Build a Better Trapeze

'Tis a lazy summer day.

Yep. Still summer here!

(Well, that is, after the kids had already finished all their school work and ran outside to play.)

The kids sought shelter from the sun in this lovely live oak tree.

I actually thought Jimmer may fall asleep like this.

How kids can sustain this squatting position I'll never know.

Mikey was busy setting up for his twin sister.

Kathleen was a happy camper with her new trapeze...


...she dropped to the ground.

No net.


Hmmm...need to fix that glitch.
Ah notha little experiment for them to work out.

As usual, Mary Kate hunted down a neighborhood pet (a cat this time) and was playing with it while our treetotalers were galavanting.

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Kristin said...

Cool pics! Our trees are all extremely tall and no good for climbing. I don't know where my boys will learn that kid skill! But your monkey blog title is once again proven to be fitting for your kids.