Monday, November 30, 2009

Old-fashioned missing pieces

It's not often that I consciously think about the now-considered "old fashioned" things I grew up with. It was just a part of my world. How things used to be. My experiences.

While we were in Minnesota on our spontaneous 2,600 mile trip last month, we stayed with Grammy and Grampy, my in laws. It had been over 2 years since we had been there, and Jimmer remembered less about the house than I expected. He did recall they had a basement which was to be considered a kids-only wonderland while they were there. Basements are novelties to kids raised in Texas!

One morning while we were having breakfast, I drew open the drapes in the dining room. Jimmer put his spoon down, and with dropped jaw he asked how I did that to the curtains. He was totally enthralled with the "mechanical" drapes! He asked me to pull back the curtains so he could see the curtain pulleys. Again--he was totally fascinated!

In this photo are the drapes of interest.

I didn't realize that the kids hadn't seen (or at least noticed) draw drapes before. Hmmm...our house only has blinds, roman shades, and decorative curtains (that don't close).


Then, after we returned home and Jimmer celebrated his 7th birthday, he was excited to get a check that he had to cash. HE wanted to make a big deal about going to the bank to cash it himself. He wanted to go inside the bank...because he didn't remember ever being in a bank before. Really? I went into the bank a couple of times with the kids--maybe 3 years ago! After I thought about it, I realized that it had been at least 2 years since I had entered a bank.

When was the last time you walked into a bank?

Anyway, Jimmer was unusually excited about going to the bank.

Joe took him to cash his check, and when they returned, I asked if he got to go into the bank. He said, "Yes, but I thought banks had a lot of shelves with a bunch of money on them. It didn't."

Interesting. Another missing piece.

I started thinking about other missing pieces from the past. Using cash or writing checks instead of the current mode of swiping plastic or paying online that our kids now see. Maybe that's why Jimmer was so interested in going to the bank--to see REAL money!

Dial phones (and of course, we had a laborious "0" in our number...that I still remember: 445-2053). Our kids don't even think of the dial phones when they think of an old fashioned phone. They think about the old phones from "pioneer" days with the separate ear and mouth piece.

They think of reel-to-reel or vinyl records, but not the 8-track or cassette tapes.
Again, missing pieces.

So, it seems that the kids either think of the new technology we have today or they think back to the really old times. And they miss some pieces in between. Jimmer even asked if we had electricity, running water, or horseless carriages when I was growing up!

Hmmm...what other "missing pieces" have I forgotten?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Sunday Ride...

I think Mary Kate got the short end of the stick on this one. She's been pushing Mikey on this rig for the last 20 minutes. Mikey hasn't moved from the chair.

She pushes him up the slight street incline then rides down.

Pushes up.
Rides down.

and over.

Is it the unspoken privilege he earned from his little scooter-chair invention?


They're happy.
No complaints.
Whatever works!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Seven years...fuzzy toes and logic

Our youngest turned SEVEN...

...a week ago!

At least we celebrated (mostly) on his actual birthday.
He did finally get to open his last gift yesterday!
Around here, we like to stretch out our birthdays.
Makes 'em more special that way...or something!

Me: "Jimmer, Happy Birthday!! You're seven years old today!"

Jimmer: "Yes, I know. But how many days old am I?"
Me (scrambling for a calculator): "2,554"

Jimmer: "How many hours?"
Me: "61,296"

Jimmer: "Minutes?"
Me: "3,677,760"

Because a seven year old just wants to know that kind of stuff!

Pizza cakes Kathleen and Mary Kate made for him.

Later...while we were alone (other kids were at piano)

Jimmer to me (speaking softly): "Have you noticed that I'm growing hair on my big toes now?"

Me: "Really? May I see?"

Jimmer: (sticks out his foot to me)

Me: "Whoa! Does that mean you're getting to be a big boy?"

Jimmer: (big smile, proudly) "I have some on my thighs too!"

Then he came up with this logic only a seven year old has.

Jimmer: "Now that I'm seven, are you going to have another baby this year?"

Me: "Whuh?"

Jimmer: "When I was six, we had six people in our family. Now I'm seven and think we should have another baby to make it seven."

Me: "So, you think I should have another baby every year then?"

Jimmer (after doing a quick tally): "Maybe have one baby this year and then one every five years after that!"

Through the eyes and in the mind of a seven year old...

Happy Birthday, Chimpy Boy, Jimmer, Jimmy Jam, Little Buddy, Jimmy Changa, Jim Bop a Loo Bop!

We love you to pieces...and love your snuggles.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I won! I won!

I'm quite thrilled to have won a delicious soy candle from Carly Jean, my cousin's lovely and pregnant daughter.

Carly, who recently closed the doors to her very cool L.A. boutique to spend more time at home with her little boy, is starting to create a line of home products. She recently had a contest and let people submit suggestions for her upcoming batch of winter candle scents. Her hubby, Chad Brannon, an Emmy award winning actor for playing the part of Zander on General Hospital and who is now doing lots of voice over work and is the Promo voice for the comedy shows on FOX, pulled my name out of the bunch!

I truly don't believe I've ever won anything before (that I can recall anyway). So, now it's documented...and is grandly appreciated!

Thanks, Carly! I loved my winning candle...and all the others in your new fall line. Can't wait to get a whiff of your newest holiday candles soon!

If you want your house to smell fabulous, check out this post for her line of candles and ordering information.

Oh, the joy of soy.

The candles last a looooooooong time, seem more fragrant, are non toxic, lead free, and support our American farmers. So, go get some and feel good about it!

Silver Lake is keeping me company and flickering away as I type...yum!

(Note to self: order more now as Christmas gifties for teachers...and some other lucky peeps.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

The FOUR to be reckoned with...

In my own green and black striped stockings, I accompanied (er, was protected by):

A gangster--who sometimes uses his violin case to hide his gun
Annie Oakley--best shot in these here parts
A secret agent--who doesn't care to be very discreet
Witch--casting cute spells

An odd couple

A (not so) creepy crew

A night of indulgence in all things sweet

Now, after All Hallows' Eve, the kids have:

~ put their candy in piles of 10 to facilitate counting (the gluttony!)
~ eaten a bunch!
~ alphabetized their individual stashes
~ donated all but 15 pieces each to the office stash where Dad works and neighborhood social committee
~ started working on some candy science experiments