Monday, November 2, 2009

The FOUR to be reckoned with...

In my own green and black striped stockings, I accompanied (er, was protected by):

A gangster--who sometimes uses his violin case to hide his gun
Annie Oakley--best shot in these here parts
A secret agent--who doesn't care to be very discreet
Witch--casting cute spells

An odd couple

A (not so) creepy crew

A night of indulgence in all things sweet

Now, after All Hallows' Eve, the kids have:

~ put their candy in piles of 10 to facilitate counting (the gluttony!)
~ eaten a bunch!
~ alphabetized their individual stashes
~ donated all but 15 pieces each to the office stash where Dad works and neighborhood social committee
~ started working on some candy science experiments


BrasherGirl said...

Great costumes!

P.S. Thanks for posting that link to the candy experiments site. I think Joseph and I will have to try some of those!

Angela said...

They look so cute, Laura. Did they come up with those costumes on their own? They are so creative. I love it. And did they really donate that much candy- that's great!! Here at our house, we ate it (Mom and Dad helped the kids tremendously in finishing it off).