Friday, December 11, 2009

Our four calling birds happenings :: Snowflakes

Last week, we were expecting some accumulation of snow.
Promising excitement for building this year's snowman.
We haven't had snow here for a few years...hence the excitement.

This is about all we saw.
Fifteen minutes of snow downfall, impressively heavy for about five of those minutes.
Kids ran around the front yard and caught snowflakes in their mouths and rode their bikes through the heaviest downfall.

No accumulation.
No snowman.

So, if snow won't come to us...
we'll just have to make it.



The girls made most of the coils.

Mikey thought they looked really neat...but wasn't interested in helping with the process.

Jimmer was intrigued with rolling these paper coils with the quilling tool.

Here are the directions to make these snowflakes. With 2 sheets of 8-1/2 x 11" white card stock and a little glue, we made 8 of these nifty snowflakes. I read that a 12" x 12" sheet yields 10 snowflakes. Guess I wasn't being efficient with our paper.

All of these snowflakes are slightly different. Can you tell?


BrasherGirl said...

Those are absolutely beautiful, Laura! I think I may sit down and try to make some myself!

Deborah Kay said...

Those are beautiful! Is there a website that shows how to make them?

L a u r a said...

Deborah, I couldn't find your email anywhere. Here's the link that shows how to make the snowflakes: