Friday, December 11, 2009

Unintended shenanigans

I found this lovely rodent in the bathroom hanging by its tail on the paper holder. Never been a fan of rodents. Okay, so it is just a rubbery toy. The fight or flight response doesn't promptly distinguish between a gross rodent hanging within inches of your leg or a silly toy that your daughter hung there and forgot whilst taking care of business. Fight or flight. Imagine my immediate dilemma.

At least it's not as bad as when I found this tarantula climbing the wall inside a closet at 5:45 AM and had to wake Joe up to capture it in an ice cream bucket before we discovered that it was just a toy.

I missed my morning walk that day.

Same daughter, who didn't intend any mischief, was the guilty party. She simply needed somewhere to put her plaything while she went in the closet to get her hairbrush. Finding an old screw hole in the wall seemed an ideal place to stick the toy taranula leg. You know, to make it look extra what spiders like to do--cling to and climb up walls. By the time she was finished brushing, she forgot about the spider.

I need to work on that girl's memory. She's been awfully forgetful.

Emphasis on the awful part.

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