Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Shoes :: *sigh*

Miss MK has been waiting to get a new pair of shoes.
She has been growing out of shoes like nobody's business.

So, on her fun outing with Dad (which also included a trip to a pet shop where she got to hold a cute bunny that, according to Mary Kate, "Only costs $40! And if we get two--so they can be friends--it's only $60!")...

...she picked out these new shoes.
(Not from the pet shop!)

She really likes them.

So do I.

In fact, I found out for myself that I can, indeed, wear them if I want...because they fit ME!

Couldn't believe it. I knew it was coming, figuring my girls will probably be a little taller than me (eventually), but I certainly wasn't expecting to be able to share my 9 year old daughter's shoes!

I mean, I was thinking maybe when she's 15 or so...maybe then. But nine?

My feet aren't that small (size 8), and her shoes are none too snug on me. Right now, she has the biggest feet of all the kids,
though Mikey is hot on her trail.

Okay, so I can probably handle the kids outgrowing me long as I can keep them all at this age. The seven to ten year old range just has to be the "golden years" of youth, isn't it?

So far, I think so! =)


BrasherGirl said...

Look on the bright side... you've now doubled your shoe wardrobe!

Angela said...

What!?!?!? Does she really wear shoes that big? This post was so clever the way you made it with the pictures ;)

Anonymous said...

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