Friday, January 15, 2010

Rainy Day :: Brothers

These brothers found some fun inside when it was soggy outside.

The table was at the ready smack dab center of the house.
The foosing began.

They made up their handles.

Introducing...Yeti Spaghetti

His opponent, Sasquatch On Watch

(I honestly don't know where they came up with these names. Please don't hold it against them...or me!)

A vertical disadvantage for Sasquatch, but no less fun.

They played with so much vigor, Yeti Spaghetti went missing his right upper extremity phalanges.

What is a yeti to do without use of his dominant paw?

How will he scale the Himalayas when he's finished foosing?

Sasquatch on Watch showed no mercy.

He just showed his true American monster grit...and actually won this match.

As the girls were avoiding finishing their mathematical adventures, they came up with future foosing handles:

Spud in the Mud
Herky Jerky
I Dub Thee Mud

Personally, I think Yeti Spaghetti and Sasquatch on Watch will be difficult to top.

[In case you're wondering what that convoluted metal monstrosity is behind Mikey, it's a folded up one of THESE].


Angela said...

Fun! Okay- what in the world is behind the foosball table? I can't figure it out and I don't remember it being there!

L a u r a said...

Uh...that would be the ping pong table! Joe is redoing the back room, its new home. If the kids had it their way, we'd have that table set up in the living room, with the foosball table in that dining area! =)