Monday, January 11, 2010

Science experiment and brain surgery help get kids ready in the morning.

Before the kids awoke, I gathered a few items and put them out on our deck table. When the kids were finished with breakfast, I told them that I'd show them a little experiment--outside.

Glass, and

After I did the quick and easy air pressure experiment, I mentioned that each of them can do the experiment all by themselves...


Notice they're still in pjs

...they first get completely ready for the day.

That includes:
getting cleaned up,
brushing teeth and hair,
and getting fully dressed.

I sometimes have to spell it out to them (just like this) what exactly it means to get fully ready.

And REMIND them when they forget.

I'm still working on those neural pathways in their heads.

Sometimes I feel like a non-invasive brain surgeon like that--carefully inserting necessary information for proper functioning, helping fine tune and rewire those pathways that may have gone awry, and patching in little catalysts!

All of us moms really are non-invasive brain surgeons, don't you think?

I worked all three into their noggins--with an emphasis on the catalyst part this morning.

Notice they're all dressed now.

In roughly 7 minutes 13 seconds, all four were ready for the day!

Not sure if I emphasized CLEAN clothes...

...close enough!

Now on with our day.

Here's another fun air pressure experiment using a hard boiled egg.


BrasherGirl said...

You know what? I read your post just after I had boiled eggs to do the egg in a bottle experiment tomorrow! We may have to do the balloon one now, too.

And I'm glad to know I'm not the only parent who sometimes has to spell everything out before it gets done correctly!

Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

I just have to say that you are so GREAT! You are really looking my Mom look bad right now (and me too as a mom). I shy away from anything science related especially since I can put my Hubby on that job. Glad you captured it all in pictures.

L a u r a said...

Lisa--our kids are older than yours. I just recently allowed them to light matches by themselves, so that still gets them pretty motivated!

When we first started homeschooling I didn't do much besides soak eggs and chicken bones in vinegar, have the kids them make butter, make frosting in primary colors and have them mix them into secondary colors. Hardly a super science mom!