Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow in Texas

It was quite exciting around here yesterday because this guy came for a visit.

In fact, this was the seventh visiting snowman in our yard.

It was all so beautiful.

Kids catching snowflakes on their tongues--giggling and frolicking under the large, fluffy flakes dropping from the sky.

And then...

The snowball fight ensued.

I'm thinking that Mikey may have started it with this close range (ouch) blast to Mary Kate.

The sibling justice team came back in force.

Jimmer got him with this one.

Kathleen's turn.

There. That should settle it.

After everyone had a sufficient number of welts on their bodies, the kids decided to tone it down. Then I said something like, "Hey kids, why don't you build a cute snowman while there's still snow."

And they obliged by building...

...this two-headed snow goon.

Inspired by none other than Calivn & Hobbes.

With her newly-fashioned wagon-siding snow board, Kathleen was lamenting our flat yard.

She got over it quickly, and all the kids started blazing dead-grass trails through the yard as they rolled their own snow boulders.

After grunting and heaving a bit, they ended up with this.

A new frosty friend.

A very stout, frosty friend.

After building 6 more snowmen, 2 snow forts, playing snowball, and changing dripping wet clothes 3 times, the kids called it a the snow.

Goodbye, our frosty, disco-y, winking friend. Sorry our 50 degree weather today didn't agree with you.

We'll remember you for another 6 years if we have to. That's how long we had to wait for you to come back. I dug up a photo from the last time you visited 2004.

The kids want me to ask you to not wait so long next time.


mrs boo radley said...

Love the picture from 2004! And your children have some fine snowball-chucking form. They could be major league pitchers!
My sister, who has way more snow than most people, made an entire farm lawn-ful of Calvin and Hobbes snowfigures this year...I guess that's what happens when you're 13 and live in the country and all your siblings have moved need to build some friends. Neighbors stopped to take pictures! I wish I was there to see it...

Deann said...

Fun, fun, fun! That's the kind of snow event I like... enough to enjoy and play in, but not enough to hang around too long.

By the way, that photo from 2004 is precious!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! I, too, am enamored by that awesome 2004 shot. What cuties! And again, how creative are your kids?!?

Y'all can come up north and visit us; we got four FEET last week and another few inches on Friday which cancelled school...again. We'll be in school until July at this rate!