Thursday, March 25, 2010

A bit o' nostalgia for Dad :: Las Cruces

Now entering the city where Joe earned his undergraduate degree.
NMSU -- the 3rd college/university he attended, 6th (but not final) college where he took classes.

(I met him at his 1st college, 3 months into his first year. '87 -- a good year.)

His first dorm room on this campus -- 3rd from the left, upper floor.

Joe had fun showing the kids around these old stompin' grounds. While we cruised through campus, he'd point out fun things like where he and a bunch of friends would play football games after lunch -- sometimes tackle, sometimes not.

One of the engineering buildings -- place of most classes.

Campus church

I thought it was so sweet Joe took the kids over to where he always used to sit at church. See them all way over on the left?

Townhouse he shared with friends (1st 2-story unit on the left).

He showed the kids the back way he rode his bike home late at night--and where he had to lift his bicycle over the fence to get to his apartment. Fun little tidbits of information.

Library -- where Joe spent the majority of his time in Las Cruces.

Up to the 3rd floor...

He even had the kids sit in the same "quiet study area" cubicle in the library where he always studied.

Just north of the University...
The hospital -- where Joe spent some time after his rugby accident that ended his rugby-playing days.

A fun, nostalgic jaunt through town...where Joe hadn't visited in over 15 years.

Now off for more some more cousin fun and sledding...

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Angela said...

That is SO much fun. I loved the library shot. I woul love to show my kiddos my old college stomping grounds, but would you believe I haven't even been there myself since I graduated... and it's only 6 hours away! I guess we've just never had a reason to go to Milwaukee.