Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hiking a nature trail

Didn't take long before all the kids were hiking off trail.

How else were they to find their many walking sticks?

Going off trail also gave 'em a better look at all the tumbleweeds.

Mikey got a really close look at a prickly pear cactus.
Got so close, he didn't even realize he was standing on it.

Picking prickly pear spines out of his shoes.

Kids with a prickly, tumbly weed

Fun fact: Joe's sister, Ellen, once ran a Tumbleweed Christmas Tree business with Mr. Stinky Feet. They would go out and retrieve nice-looking tumbleweeds, decorate them with Christmassy bows, and ship them off to their new homes. Total number of Tumbleweed Christmas Trees sold: 15.

I think a Christmas tree of stacked tumbleweeds would be awesome! You could even wire together and flock a huge one. Or, how about a tumbleweed snowman? Fun!

Littlest cousin hitchin' a ride with the second littlest cousin in town.

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Angela said...

Walking sticks are the best! That's the first thing we look for on our hikes, too ;)