Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, the wonderful places cousins can play!

Cousins can play at an aquarium.

Cousins can play at a park.

Cousins certainly play on playscapes.

They can even play near a shark.

Cousins may play at a BioGarden.

And on a giant, metal ant.

Cousins can play in an oversized pumpkin.

Now, who would tell them they can't?

We didn't tell them in 2003.

Can anyone guess who this might be?

Oh, these cousins have played
In many wonderful places!
They've been up, down, in, out...
...and soon will be going in underground spaces.


mrs boo radley said...

LOOK AT HOW TEENY they were in 2003! How is that even possible? WOW. Such sweet kids you have--and such fun adventures you take them on...

Deann said...

An oversized pumpkin? You guys really find some fun places to visit!

P.S. I like your Dr. Seuss-esque poem!

Angela said...

It's Kathleen!! That is SOOOO great the kids have cousins so close in age. Think of all the memories they will make together