Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ringing in 11 years

a.k.a. The alarmingly long, nostalgic birthday post

Our 1999 model turbo-charged twin engines.

On the right: our subdued first born, who had to be "invited" out by my doctor and first appeared with a knob on the side of his head since he had attempted an innovative lateral birth position that didn't agree with my unimaginative framework. Just like him to be so inventive.

On the left: our enthusiastic second born (by a minute), who included her twin brother with her in utero calisthenics by giving him swift blows to the head with her feet. (This claim is backed up with ultrasound footage. She was caught on tape even before she was born. I can hear her now, "Is nothing sacred?")

Showing early adaptability, she was also thoughtful enough to incorporate her parents in her eternal extra utero workouts by urging them to bounce her around in her everlasting free time. In so many ways, she let us know that it was our obvious oversight in not teaching her how to walk immediately upon birth.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Celebrating their 11 years by taking a step back in time.

Day before delivery

Profile of 11.5 lbs of baby

Days old

One week: Mikey...calmly meditating, I think

One week: wire

One week: a frequent site.

Gramma helped us from the start...until Grammy & Grampy relieved her.

Mike, we didn't call you "drunken sailor" for nothing.

3 weeks: Baptism
Grammy & Grampy and Aunt Weezy & Uncle Kevin traveled from MN for the occasion.

Scandalous photo shoot

2 months: a visit from Grandpa Terry & Grandma Doogie

2 months

Gramma came back for did Grammy!

. . . : : Have milk, will travel : : . . .

As long as the babes had their milkshakes on tap, they didn't seem to care how long or where we traveled. So, we started their roadtrips early.

2 months old: Gulf Coast trip (400 mile RT)

3 months old: to Dubuque to meet Great Grandpa Hardie

We headed up to MN to Grammy & Grampy's and as far as Duluth on this trip (2400 mile RT).

5 months--Colorado Reunion in July (1640 mile RT)

The two K.M.R.s met at the lodge in Colorado.

After this trip, Joe started grad school.
Mysteriously, we were never seen again--until Christmas...

...when we flew to California to be with Gramma again and meet Uncle Chris and more family (3000 mile RT).

In the above photo, I was keeping a very new inside secret (literally)...until the end of August, that is. But that's a whole different story.

Well-traveled one-year-old twins
~ Roadtrip veterans ~
~ Sky miles under their diaper tabs ~
~ From Lake Superior to the Gulf Coast ~
~ From the Great Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean ~
~ 10 states visited ~
~ Traveled over 7400 miles ~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled 2010
wherein the twins have since

~ rid themselves of diapers ~
~ lost scads of teeth ~
~ and started learning algebra ~

11th Birthday -- March 9, 2010
The Birthday Dinner Contention

There was no question that Mikey and Kathleen wanted to have barbecue for dinner. So, after all the debate they had earlier in the day about which barbecue joint they wanted to go to for dinner (guess which one got her way), they must have also decided that they didn't want to be embarrassingly predictable. So, instead of the obvious, they ordered breakfast plates of eggs, waffles, and pancakes.

Back at the ranch...
Loving Gramma's photo book creations

Off they went on their gift-finding treasure hunt with clues written in verse with help from Jimmer.

New reads

Bike jump Fly Box


Eleven tricky candles

One quadruple chocolate mousse cake
(Guess who talked her brother into this one.)

Mikey was certainly all over this mousse cake idea Kathleen mentioned to him, but I suspect somewhere in the discussion they had a communication breakdown that led him to believe the cake would actually look like a moose...or maybe even four moose (mooses, meese). How would I know such a thing? Because after he blew out the candles he said to me, "Oh, I thought the cake might be shaped like a moose. That would have been really cool."

Mousse. Moose. Those darned homophones.

11 beautifully fun years
with our turbo-charged twins

Dear Mikey & Kathleen,
You were such enjoyable, precious little babes.
Now, the fun continues as you grow into such interesting young people.
Thanks for being such good traveling buddies. And thank you for teaching me all there is to know about being young again and learning afresh...all the important things in life.



mrs boo radley said...

Awesome story! Love the pics of you!

What a sweet little meditating boy.
And what a sweet little assertive sister he has.

Love the stripey shirt in the blowing-out-candles picture.

And I'll take breakfast for dinner any day. xoxo

Mayno said...

Thanks for the sweet, sweet memories, Laura! Oh, and the cake looks amazing and delish! Love to M&K!

Deann said...

Happy Belated Birthday times two!

Kristin said...

So much to say! What an amazingly beautiful post, Laura! Do your kids read your blog? That was just *such* a lovely tribute to them.

LOVED the pregnancy pics; the tie-dye sort of masks the pregnancy from the front and then...holy profile! That is awesome!

The baby pics were so sweet, too. Your children have such distinct characteristics that I could easily tell which baby was which; I feel like I have said this before, but your family has such a strong resemblance to each other. Your mom, you, your brother, your children, all have such similar qualities that there will never be any denying that you're family! So cool! :)

Carly Jean Brannon said...

Laura, I LOVE this post. I'm sure your children LOVE having you as their momma. Your blog is such a sweet testimony of how much you love your kids and enjoy every minute with them!

Angela said...

This was SO fun to read, Laura. I loved, loved, LOVED looking at the pictures through the years. And I laughed out loud when you mentioned about Joe starting Grad school and how mysteriously you didn't see him until Christmas. Ha! I can so relate to that! So glad those days are over. It looked like they had a great birthday! I am SO glad we got together last month. It was just wonderful spending time with the kids.