Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snowy Sandias :: New Mexico Spring Break

Some people dream of a nice beach vacation for their spring break.

Not our kids.

This is what they dream of...

Sledding in the snow with their Albuquerque cousins!

Or more precisely...just doing anything with their cousins!

(The phrase "sledding in the snow" may seem redundant, as my kids might tell me. But there's another place they'll go sledding on this trip--and it isn't on snow.)

And, oh, there was snow in their Sandia Mountains!

Growing up in Minnesota, it really never occurred to me that a snowy spring break could be a child's ultimate dream.

For our little Texans though...pure bliss.

Especially with these keeping their toes toasty.

Can hardly tell if this girl is ever having a good time or not.

A white-out snow storm to boot.

Have you ever heard lots of thunder during a snow storm?
Very cool!
Mountainously wild.

(7 of the 8 sledding cousins)

Eight cousins
on a
snowy mountain.

Nothing better.

Except for maybe the hot chocolate we enjoyed afterwards!

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