Thursday, March 4, 2010

THE Sweatshirt :: since 2005

Jimmer, we need to talk.

Now, you've been wearing that sweatshirt since you were 3 years old.

It is size 4.
You're now almost 7-1/2 years old.
It's too small, and the elbows are wearing out.

And you have a number of other sweatshirts that fit you better.

What gives?

I just like this one best. Still.

Okay. Carry on!


mrs boo radley said...

Look how big/old/handsome he is!!

Mayno said...

Jimmer is looking more and more like you, Laura! Amazing.

Carolyn said...

When you have to cut him out of it, he'll give up.

Kristin said...

Too funny! Obviously, it is a source of comfort. And I like that he is confident enough to know for certain what he likes! :)