Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We've been enjoying lots of fresh eggs from our friends' range-roamin' chickens.

Remember this hen? This is the one that lays speckled eggs.

Here's one of her daily commodities.

Before we started getting eggs from our friends, we had been buying free-range chicken eggs from the store. The yolks from our friends' eggs were noticeably darker.

Some sources say that the darker yolks contain more beta carotene. I think it's just kinda cool to have met and held the bearers of our eggs!

Can you pick out the four darker ones from the four store-bought, free-range eggs?

Another friend has been supplying us with some of her chickens' eggs. Our last batch from her included some bluish "Easter" eggs and this humongous one. The poor hen.

I actually thought of Angela who recently gave birth to a 9-1/2 pound boy...and Joe's cousin who gave birth to a near 11 pounder. Yes, looking at an egg like that can make a momma think of such things...especially since our largest babe was a mere 8-1/2 lbs.

Two different eggs from the same chicken

It was a double yolker.

Well, maybe I can sort of relate.

I guess they were double yolkers too!

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Lorie said...

A double yolk is supposed to be good luck!