Friday, May 28, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow...probably back soon

What could be holding the kids' attention so captive?

What would make them sit there so nicely, with such suspense-filled absorption?

There must be some sort of side show going on.

Yep, there was.

After nine months of


Joe was finally...

removing it.


Can you believe this is how he cuts his hair? He's been using the same clippers (given to him by a 90-year old retiring barber) and cutting his hair like this since he was 15 years old.

Usually, Joe starts growing a beard during the Christmas holiday when he's off work, then keeps it for a couple of weeks...or maybe a couple of months.

But this year--
you know how brutal our winter climate is here in Texas (hehe)
--he started growing it before our fall trip.

The kids were so excited not just because the clippers came out but because they knew they would have a creative hand in the process.

They get to tell him step-by-step how to cut it off.

"Shave some long, pointy mutton chops."
"Make a goatee with long sideburns."
"Cut it off on the bottom of your chin but keep a really long mustache."
"Make a small mustache now."
"Okay, cut out the middle of your tiny mustache."

Requests granted.

Oh, one last one from Mom: "Please finish off the 'stache!"
(I didn't take a final photo, but believe me, it's gone!)

Joe thinks shaving is overrated, but he values it for the creative and entertainment factor...once in a while anyway.

We'll see how long it lasts before he starts his next facial crop.


Angela said...

This post actually made me laugh out loud!! I mean, not the post itself, but the photo montage of his beard shave. Oh my... some of those "requests" he granted were hilarious!!!! How could you not take a final picture!?!!! Now, forever- until I either see him again, or see a picture, I'll picture Joe with a thick 2 inch strip of a mustache!! :)

L a u r a said...

Ooh, yeah. I'll have to get an after shot to get that image out of your head, Ange!

The only reason I didn't was that I was cleaning up violins and getting everything together for the kids recital that I ended up missing the very last part and then we had to fly!

It's the image I try to forget as well! =)