Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We were so lucky to spend our Memorial Day weekend with some veterans. Yesterday we had dinner with one of our neighbors who joined us for our block party.

Meet Buck, a Korean War veteran.

(Not only do we respect him as an American veteran, but we also really like him because he tells us he likes our kids! ; )

* * * * * * *

Today we went to Chief and Tootsie's, parents of our good friend and neighbor. Chief (a.k.a. Colonel Bangasser) is also a vet.

It was a beautiful day to...
visit with friends,

go for a refreshing dip,

dig potatoes and pick tomatoes,

watch nature,

get a little dirty,

walk through Chief's orchard of plum, fig, peach, lemon, and apple trees,

grill some good grub,

enjoy some sweet treats,

hike to the creek,

be tired,

and be thankful.

We are thankful for all the American veterans who have sacrificed much for our freedom and safety so that we are able to enjoy such fun and carefree days like today.

Hope all y'all had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!


Angela said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend last weekend (I know I'm a little late in responding- eek!). And wherever you were, that is quite a pool with a view! Neat!!

L a u r a said...

It was a fun weekend. My friend's parents' home is in West Lake Hills overlooking Barton Creek greenbelt.