Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nature babies

While we were at Chief and Tootsie's home the other day, we got to observe a little springtime nature.

After looking a little closer into the birdy house doorway,

we could see these hungry little wren hatchlings--no noise, just mouths agape.

It was a precious scene, but it made me sad because they looked so...hungry. I really wanted to rummage around and look for something to feed them, but then I figured their momma was perched somewhere with a little worm in her beak just waiting for me to stop taking photos so she could fill their bellies.

She was a patient momma, and she did get her little darlings fed.

At least momma wrens don't dive bomb people like other birds I've seen.

Thanks Momma Wren for a looksie in on your babes. They're very sweet!


Deann said...

So sweet!

I wish Beulah would wait quietly for her food... when she's hungry we definitely hear about it!

Angela said...

Wow! Great pictures!! How did you get so close? Did you have a zoom lense on??

Carly Jean Brannon said...

Great pics Laura! So cute!