Saturday, July 17, 2010


Once again, the kids took a summer art class at our friend's art studio, Taku Art Studio. This year it was a sculpture class.

Friday after class is always the highlight since the kids collect all of their projects and have their own little art show of sorts.

I get to see their progress throughout the week, so they love it when Dad shows up for their presentations.

Jimmer was thrilled since this was his first year.

Kathleen claimed this was her favorite art class. She says this every year!

The new art display in our home.

The 4 gangly characters inspiration came from these Alberto Giocometti sculptures. Here's an online tutorial for this figure sculpture project.

from Alberto Giacometti's City Square, 1948

Inspiration for Kathleen's Easter Island-esque statue is from a moai figurine we have at home. (Thanks Steve and Connie!)

Or was it from this Calvin & Hobbes strip?

I think the "face vase" is slightly haunting.

After this project, never again will there be "a quick trip to the hardware store" with the kids for us.

I may as well get an iced tea and set up my folding chair in the wing nuts and bolts aisle.

MK's doggie

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