Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Birthday

I was asked to take photos at my neighbor's birthday party last weekend.

I loved being given free reign to capture an entire evening with my camera (...although I'll spare the innocent party goers by not posting their photos).

And I loved being the chief guacamole tester.

I also instituted my new motto:

"Will work for food...and fresh garden produce."

Final storms from Hurricane Alex blew off just in time to bring us a breezy, comfortable Texas evening.

This neighbor is one of the most generous and humble friends.

Just one of many examples: She lets all the neighbor kids decorate her Christmas tree and make gingerbread houses in her kitchen.

It took me a number of years living next to her and spending lots of kiddie playtime with her family to find out some fun background info (only thanks to her dad, Chief).

As a young lady

she diligently swam laps in this pool

and graduated from high school with a swimming scholarship.

She also became the first female to wear this mascot uniform at TCU.

I love hearing these little tidbits of information about my friends. It adds such a fun historical dimension to their personalities.

Another beautiful evening at Chief and Tootsie's...celebrating with her friends and family.

My family.

Okay, it's her family.

But it's my adoptive Austin family.

I guess I should inform them of this.

A festive party is great fun, but a good neighbor and friend is a treasure.

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Angela said...

Wow! What great photographs! You look beautiful in your dress. What a fun party! I wish I were there :)