Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 234th!

Our Texas 4th of July

A Sunday drive through the Hill Country

Colorful benefit of all the rain we've been having

A Texas-sized truck whose owners were guaranteed a good seat at the fireworks.

(FYI--Jimmer is 50 inches tall)

On our way back to town, we went to an evening mass at a different church. Afterward, we visited with the liturgical musician there who we've seen at other Sunday Life Teen masses in town.

Here he is (piano on left) at one of his regular gigs in town at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. If you like Napoleon Dynamite, he's giving it is best in this video. When we see him at church again, I'm sure I'll be thinking of "The Rose."

Back at the ranch:

We've been seeing more than our fair share of Texas snakes these days.

Ending the day with fireworks and our other at-home sparkly, crackling, popping funsies in the street.

Celebrating our freedom and independence to go where we want and do things how we choose.

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!

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