Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Under Construction

During this hot time of year, when we're not at the pool we're mostly either doing school or playing...with things like this.

Joe got out a few of his vintage Girder & Panels sets, his favorite toy as a boy.

And now, he's a structural engineer.

Hmmm...might there be a connection?

Oooh, a highways and bridge set.

Right up Dad's alley.

Jimmer thinks the elevator feature is pretty nifty.

He worked hard on the elevator shaft to make it work just right.

Their new city.
The 1/87 scale version anyway.

Here's the company that still makes girder and panel sets. They're sold through Amazon as well.

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Deann said...

Your weather may be HOT, but those sets are COOL! It's wonderful that your husband held on to them and can now share them with your children!