Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Roadie 2010 :: Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Palo Duro Canyon

There was only day during the whole 18-day trip that required us to change our plans due to rain. So, instead of making it to our last park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, we instead holed up in Durango for the day before heading to Santa Fe.

While in Santa Fe, we took the kids again to see the Loretto Chapel spiral staircase that was built by a "mysterious" builder who disappeared after he built it--for free.

When Mike saw the staircase how it was originally built (with no hand rails), he said, "Hey Mom, that looks like a DNA double helix."

Sure does. (Yay, biology book!)

We made an unexpected visit to our Albuquerque family for the kids to surprise their cousins after school. They were speechless! Great afternoon and evening for the kids to play together and all to visit!

Oh, there we go.

NOW you can tell they're really cousins!

On our way home from Albuquerque, on Route 66, we stopped briefly in Amarillo. We spotted Cadillac Ranch and, well, you just have to stop to sign the cars.

Yep, 10 caddies half the middle of a field.

Further down Route 66, we passed the Big Texan Restaurant

where Joe accomplished the disgusting feat of eating this entire 72 oz. steak meal in less than an order to get it free.

It all happened shortly after Joe moved to Texas--before we were married. He's now mended his ways--mostly.

Pointing to his name in the Big Texan book of shame fame.

Not far from Amarillo, we stopped at Palo Duro Canyon. Beautiful area.

I've lived in Texas for 14 years. Hadn't been to Palo Duro. Still haven't been to Big Bend National Park. Just this spring we finally made it to Guadalupe Mountain National Park (Joe's been there numerous times). Texas is a big state and all, but sheesh. Bad locals.

Bad storm on the way home. (Okay, this looks like the big bad wolf to me. Anyone else?)

This concludes our fall 2010 roadie.

4,400 miles,
32 Jr. Ranger badges,
18 days,
10 states,
10 national parks, monuments, and state parks,
4 Jr. Paleontologist badges,
1 31-ft. RV
1 great trip!

The end!

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Deann said...

I've enjoyed traveling across the country via your recent posts. What a wonderful trip for your family!