Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

Our kids don't mind the gory stuff these days.

It's sort of grown on this long gray wig.

They've watched our neighbor, who dresses up every year as the Grim Reaper, stand *very still* outside his doorway waiting for his prey. Then he scares the daylights out of all the tweens and teens.

So, I guess that's his trick before he hands out the treats with a big unseen smile behind his mask!

That may have rubbed off on our kids by now.

Oh dear, she's smiling. She forgot about playing the part of the gaunt, anemic, fairly serious but still nice witch.

Nice in that she still used good manners while trick or treating...and doesn't know any weird spells.

She must have thought she was still being a *cute* witch like last year. Looksie.

MK and K, good witch and Annie Oakley

That's better.

More in character anyway

This year we had:

A couple of bandits, a pretty ghould witch, and a pioneer girl.

Just one kind of gory one in the bunch.

And two bandits who came home with loot that I'll trust was willingly offered and politely received.

No ca$h $pent on co$tume$ thi$ Halloween.

Besides MK's wig that was purchased and unused from a couple of years ago, they pulled this stuff out of their dress up hampers.

I thank you kids from the bottom of my heart.

My very bloody heart.

* * * * * * *

Although we saved a little on this year's costumes, we did end up spending a little bit for the doctor's appointment and pharmacy yesterday after we noticed MK's bad reaction to the face paint.

She woke up barely able to open her eyes this morning, and the irritation started spreading throughout the rest of her face.

She's doing much better today.

She wanted me to post this picture of her taken yesterday.
She purposely didn't smile. Thought it would be even ickier that way.

I think she's more impressed with real gore rather than the artificial painted gore. The real thing is always more spectacular than that which is simply made up.

No costume or paint necessary. It's just scary all by itself!

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