Monday, December 6, 2010

Our School Room :: Filling Up

This is what our school room looks like today.

Just a few years ago, it looked a little less cluttered. Even slightly empty.

From this

to this.

BOOKS boOkS BookS bOoKs BooKS BOOkS!

And I'm not even showing the four (filled) upstairs bookcases.

And these

These are the kids' individual cubbies where they keep their current school books. (Along with a nature shelf in the middle.)

Books that have sparked so many of the kids' interests,
held captive their attention,
helped shape their character.

Jimmer's cubby

Since he's our youngest, it's bitter sweet to see these books for the last time on the kids' shelves.

Kind of like when you think you're going to be SO happy when your youngest child is potty trained, and instead you just look at all their little baby clothes and wish you could capture all those sweet baby moments again.

(Not the physically demanding, sleep deprived years -- just the smiley, sweet, innocent, and everything-is-new-and-wonderful-and-interesting times.)

I'll probably be okay when the book clutter is gone.

But I know I'll miss scenes like this when the kids are all grown up.



Mayno said...

Nothing better than BOOKS!

Deann said...

We LOVE books here, too!

"So many books, so little time."~Frank Zappa

Angela said...

We have SO many books, too. I just LOVE books. Now I'm at the point where ALL of our bookshelf space is taken and I don't know where to put them!!

Kim said...

Where did you get your bookcases?

L a u r a said...

Kim--So sorry I haven't responded until now. The bookcases are from IKEA, the Effectiv line which is now discontinued. The smaller bookcase for the kids' individual cubbies are also from IKEA, the Billy bookcase line.