Monday, January 24, 2011

Our sweety pie girl

She's a fun one...

who likes to make things special for others.

MK's Clementine flower snack for her siblings

She'll even forgo doing the fun stuff

MK setting up targets for her sibs

So she can watch the others enjoy themselves.

(Or is it that she just likes to be the one calling, "Ready...aim...FIRE."?)

After the carnage, back she goes to set it all up again while the others reload.

Over and over--never asking to shoot.
That wouldn't be as fun for her.
She told us so.

A big animal lover she is, indeed.

Since the only pets we have in our home are dust bunnies, MK decided to make her own litter of pups.

Bobble head doggies--15 of them--all with names

I believe after Mary Kate's brief training session, each of her friends now has at least one family of bobble head doggies in their homes.

She also likes to make decorations...

and teach her friends how to make them.

Our house may only look seasonally festive because Mary Kate has a hand in it.

Her favorite place for decorations?

Hanging from the chandelier

Greeting her friends at the bus stop when they get home from school is something else she loves to do.


And who is Joe's go-to masseuse for his achy neck and shoulders? Yup--MK, it is!

Being sweet & special just comes naturally for this girl.
A natural talent that her mother greatly appreciates!!

But wait, there's more:
Our younger daughter is Kathleen's #1 choice for her duet fiddle partner, hands down. Whenever Kathleen figures out a new part to a song, she wants MK to be the one to play the other part. Nobody else will do. And she's happy to oblige.

Our sweety pie honey pie is the first one to doctor up her injured siblings and neighbor friends, and even stands by her sister's side and watches her get four teeth pulled.

Sweet, caring, fun...and doesn't mind gore?

She's so complex.
And sweet.
Really sweet!
Our sweety-pie-with-a-y, just like her name.


Deann said...

Sugar and spice and everything nice... what a blessing!

Mayno said...

Love this post, Laura! MK is one very special girl!!

Angela said...

Awe- what a sweetheart! That is so precious that you put this together to show us some pictures of the thoughtful sweet things she does for others. She reminds me of my Gracie girl!