Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ear training for the mechanically inclined

"Hey Mom. Did you hear those cars outside at 5:56 this morning? One was a Lamborghini for sure. The other one was either a Viper or an Aston Martin. Now I'm thinking it was a Viper because it didn't pop, crack, and growl like the Aston Martin. Anyway...they had a stop-light drag race. It woke me up. I thought I was dreaming! It was so fun to hear..."

The mostly one-sided conversation went on from here about the actual noises each car tends to make--and why--and how fast they are able to go in 60 seconds, etc. I'll spare you the deets.

Any guesses on the source of this quote? hehe =)

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maryh said...

Mr. M, of course! Love your new header!!! So, so cute.