Friday, July 29, 2011

My new round umbels

No, this is not a post about plastic surgery.

It's about the Hoya plant my grandfather gave me. It has bloomed!


My grandpa from Dubuque, Iowa noticed my admiration for his waxy-flowered plant that he used to have growing all across his front bay window that overlooked the Mighty Mississippi River. It was obviously the perfect place for the plant since it had plenty of robust flowerings, called umbels.

Of all his many flowering plants (and, as a founder of his local arboretum and botanical gardens, he had M.A.N.Y.), this is the one that fascinated me the most with its unusual silky yet waxy flowers that look like exploding fireworks!

He gave me a cutting of his original plant over 16 years ago--before I was married.

I've been waiting a while!

I'll consider it a nice eye-twinkly HELLO from my Grandpa!

Hi, and thanks, Grandpa!

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