Thursday, August 11, 2011

MK's yarning mojo :: patternless creations

I taught MK how to increase and decrease stitches the other day.

She instantly went to town on a body of a lion.

To finish it off, she simply needed an idea and instruction on how to attach the legs and make the mane. She also had me stitch the face because, "This is a toy for Nika, and I don't want the face to look funny."

Jimmer calls it the ballerina cactus lion.
We also call it the ballerina flower lion.

I kinda like how she ran out of yellow yarn and just carried on with a different green color.

You won't get that from a toy store...probably not from Etsy either.

MK says, "It's really a girl lion, but I thought I should put a mane on it so you could tell what kind of animal it is."

* * * * *

Today, after the kids finished listening to their history lesson, MK presented this creation. Another on-the-fly, patternless creation.

Broken finger still in splint

On this 58th day of triple-digit heat for the year, I'm right with you, MK. Bring on the fall weather!!!

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maryh said...

So-o-o- cute, MK! Nika will adore it! I know I would. You are very talented!!!

Aunt Mayno