Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Sleepover

MK's continued birthday festivities included this crew.

First they dined on self-made personal pizzas (that somehow made them start making funny faces).

Then they chased them down with these...except, with chocolate mousse.

Just a warning if you make the chocolate cups: don't use the recommended water balloons for your mold. Use regular (er, stronger) balloons!

Think after-burst chocolatey, splashy shrapnel.

All over my shirt, back splash, and stovetop burners...

The chocolatey sugar surge probably explains this outburst of energetic fiddle dancing fun.

Which led to a double-header competition of: Silly Walks and Talent/Dress Up (scoring requested by a sleepover guest)

Topped off the evening with a showing of Benji.

The kids love those vintage 70's Disney flicks!

But they like having friends over for a night of fun and a sleepover even better!

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