Friday, September 2, 2011

What we do during the hottest summer on record

We're nearing 80 days of triple-digit heat at this point.

Going from one weather extreme, growing up in Minnesota, to another here in Texas leads me to revert to my old winter hibernating ways...only, in the summer.

It's way too hot to spend any significant amount of time outside unless we're in a shaded pool. We cover swimming in the mornings, so there's lots of time after school each day stuff. Something. Anything.

We've been making a few things.

Something I'll take with me to Seattle.

...along with this (minus the basketball head form!).

Cross stitching that Nici taught Kathleen

and MK.

An amigurimi creation I made for a neighbor girl who seems to have Mad Kitty Disease.

Something for the girls to look forward to wearing in the winter, a knit cowly shoulder warmer.

Now, if it would only dip below the 100 degree mark...

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