Friday, October 7, 2011

Dad & kids travel without me...

While I was snuggling my niece and eating way too much good food in Seattle, Joe took the opportunity to do a little traveling with the kids. Brave man!

He took the kids on a 12-hour drive to see their cousins in Albuquerque.

(From the looks of the photos on our camera, it would appear that all eight children lived on their own and hung out together all weekend by themselves--no adults in any of the pics!)

After the weekend, Joe and kids went off to Santa Fe...

...and then up through Colorado, stopping at Garden of the Gods.

Then a repeat performance of the Seven Falls stair climb--all 224 steps!

It was good for them!

Garden of the Gods has a fabulous gift shop...with silly hats!

After many years, they also made a repeat visit to the Colorado Springs Ghost Town Museum.

Everyone loves panning for gold when you're pretty much guaranteed to come out with some gold!

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