Saturday, October 1, 2011

Over the rivers and through some see my new niece in Seattle

Seeing my brother as a first-time dad is pretty!

A doting dad he is!

Lovely new mama, Lan-Vi

As for me, I introduced my niece to a little conversation, singing, dancing, and even some cheer.

She talks now and is learning the alphabet.
She's quite advanced! ;^)

Gramma. This picture--my fave!

Dad & Doog

Oh, we reaped the benefits of the resident chef/former restaurant owner, Lan-Vi!

First full-family photo


MK's lion finally made it to its rightful owner.

One of Chris's modes of transportation

Off he goes

Bello & Freddie


Can you find the cupid's bow?

Nika inherited a Cox "pucker" trait from her dad and grandpa.

The family and Seattle skyline

Pretty mama and sweet babe

Strollering dad

A Puget Sound sunset

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Renee said...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for posting the pics. I heard about the new addition. Looks like a great looking family. I hope all works out. Thanks again.