Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday Boy :: Last of the Single Digits

I used to really enjoy celebrating our kids' milestones. (No more diapers!! No more training wheels!! Losing those first teeth!!) But celebrations these days seem more bitter sweet. All double digits from here. *sigh*

At least the boy has good taste!

I think the birthday gift treasure hunts will continue to be a lasting I'll hang onto it while I can and enjoy writing all those clues in verse.

Gramma totally has his number--a very nifty spy gadget!

For the record, I like the lie detector test on this unit. I passed (96% truthful) when I stated, "I am 29 years old."

Jimmer said this was his favorite birthday cake--ever!

I may be finished making cut-out cakes.

Not yet sure if that's an, Awww...*sniff* or a !!!!!

I do know that Jimmer is a sweet, humorous, and clever little 9 year old character...and he still loves to give good hugs and snuggle! So I will celebrate those things for sure!!

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