Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sculpting Girls & Silly Little Brother

Before we got to any school work this morning, Kathleen made this 3-eyed Play-Doh monster puppet. See all the sharp teeth...and white hair in back? Ewww! I probably insulted her by first guessing that it was Cookie Monster.While I was reading history the other day, Mary Kate was working over some wax she got off a few of the kids' cheese snacks. After I was finished reading, she presented this to me--a wax place setting, gravy boat, ladel, frying pan, tongs, cup, and a pizza cutter. It must have been close to lunch time!

Jimmer has been coming up with some silly quotes in the last few days. Check them out here.

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Angela said...

Your kids always come up with such creative, fun things to do. I love that!