Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July fun

The kids decorated their bikes for our neighborhood 4th of July parade and celebration.

Lining up for the parade.

Everyone in the parade followed the fire engine to the park.

Touring the fire truck.

Let's hope this is the last time our kids are in the back of a police car!

Tug of War (Kathleen is in the back)

Golf tournament...Kathleen putting.

The kids came home with their stomachs loaded with hot dogs, popcicles and lemonade, their faces filled with 4th of July tattoos, and bags filled with stickers and loot from the police...and plenty of sparklers and flags!

Time for a nap before dinner and fireworks. It'll be another late one tonight!


Angela said...

This likes like a very FUN and busy day! Were all these events in the neighborhood? What a great neighborhood you guys live in. We hardly even know any of our neighbors. Anyway- we had a super fun (but busy!) day, too- I posted pics already!

Laura said...

Yes, all this fun was right in our neighborhood--thanks to our social committee, which is run by three of my immediate neighbors (I hid under the rug for this one and only found the tug-of-war rope we could borrow from a nearby school)!

It pays to be near the social committee since usually the night before an event we get out our big neighborhood jumpy and "clean and air" it out (read, let the kids jump in it all day)!

Angela said...

Seriously? A social committee?? That is so great!! Sigh.... I wish.... we lived.......... closer.................