Friday, July 25, 2008

Bring on the rain!

We haven't had rain in...months. We almost forgot what it even sounds like! In fact, when it started to rain yesterday morning, Mikey looked outside and loudly announced, "It's raining everybody!" then he also mentioned, "I thought it was an airplane coming, but I looked outside and it was the rain!"

Everyone, drop your books, stop studying, stop EVERYTHING. Let's go outside and catch rain!
Thanks, Hurricane Dolly! (Don't tell some of those cotton farmers near the coast I said that.)


Gramma Cox said...

Can they catch some of that rain for us out here in California? We haven't had any measurable rain since January or February. All lakes are VERY low - some have even reduced the speed on the lakes to 5mph.

Angela said...

that is like us, too... it's been dry the last couple of years! thankfully, we got a good soaking last week. out pond out back has shrunk sooooo much from how it orignally was when we bought our home!