Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chimpy has new luggage and gear

Kathleen has creatively accommodated Jimmer with his request for an old suitcase for Chimpy, his beloved stuffed chimpanzee. Not just ANY suitcase, but he asked her to make a suitcase that would have been Chimpy's great, great grandfather's, who was much larger than Chimpy.
In order to fashion the old suitcase, Kathleen got busy gluing and sewing pieces of an old red shirt to cover cardboard. Mary Kate and Jimmer were busy making all the gear to go inside.

What is all the gear?Chimpy has a dagger and sheath, a bullet bag, a wallet, and a green hat. (Not shown: cardboard rifle) Now Chimpy can sufficiently defend himself. Phew, I feel much better now, don't you?

Hmmm...maybe I should wait a little while to talk about what kind of "luggage" was used by folks who walked around with daggers, bullet bags, and guns. Probably not the rolling suitcase kind that Chimpy's great, great grandfather somehow acquired! He must've been ahead of his time!


Gramma Cox said...

I'm ALWAYS amazed at the creativity of my grandchildren.

Gramma Cox

Laura said...

Hi, Mom! I can't believe you finally delurked!

Deborah from Colorado said...

That is so cute! You have adorable kids. I'm your Aunt Kay's neighbor. I'll connect with you more over email.