Friday, July 18, 2008

Homebound Mass & Luncheon

Our kids enjoy visiting the elderly. We've gotten to know some of these new friends by bringing prayer services and communion to them through our church. Today, we brought them to our parish for a Mass and luncheon. They all looked at me like I was chopped liver, but boy, did they eat up the kids. Our kids freely give them all hugs, and I think this is just what was ordered for the lady Jimmer got to sit next to.She wasn't going to come today, but a friend talked her into it. Before she left, she told Jimmer that he made her whole week...and was making plans for him to come visit again. (Jimmer's the kind that can just suck you in and wrap you around his finger. Today was no exception.)
I took this picture as the lady was giving all of her candy to Jimmer. Would you just look at his face!
Oooh, that was good for another kiss and a hug!

Here's Mary Kate with some nice ladies.

Kathleen with a very sweet couple.
I guess I didn't end up with any pictures of Mike. He was probably too busy holding the doors and greeting everyone with a hug.
Fr. Brion and the girls with a kind gentleman who was bringing home a flower to his wife who couldn't be there with us.

The key to managing all of the kids in this situation: Spread them out and have them sit with different people--both at Mass and during the luncheon. I didn't hear a peep out of them the whole time!

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Angela said...

Laura, I just love it that you take the time to do this and get your kids involved in this. I really have wanted to do something like this for years, but just don't know how to get started- not sure how to get plugged in! Maybe I just need to call a local nursing home and find out if they have volunteer opportunities. On a side note- I have been checking Mike's memory blog and I just love reading what people write and seeing more pictures. It's such a beautiful thing you've done to preserve his memory.