Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some alone time with Jimmer

Every morning this week, the three older kids are at an art camp. So, I've been enjoying some one-on-one time with Jimmer. It really has been a treat! So, while the other kids have been playing with acrylic paints, mod podge, making collages, smearing paint everywhere, and spraying paints out of squirt bottles, Jimmer has been philosophizing with me...and enjoying some extra attention (as well as getting a few treats for himself!).

I love listening to him philosophize in his 5-year-old way. He's not a quiet thinker like a couple of our kids. He verbalizes most of his thoughts--especially if he has your full attention. It's fascinating to listen to and imagine where all his thoughts come from and how little children make sense of everything around them. They'll talk about something deeply meaningful, then they flit off onto something else in a split second. This morning on our way back from dropping off the kids, Jimmer started talking about what his future might look like.

Jimmer: Well, when I’m older I might have my own family, and I might not live with you and Daddy anymore. (pause) Maybe I’ll live in Hahn’s (a neighbor) house since it’s for sale now. So, I’ll still be close to you and Daddy.

Then he went on to ask…

Jimmer: Mom, how do people just make a baby when they decide they’d like to have one?

Me: Uh, well…when a couple loves each other and is married, God can help them start having babies.

Jimmer: Oh. I guess I’ll be at work every day so we’ll have a place to live, but then I won’t be at home to help if we have a bunch of kids.

Mom: You will be able to figure all that out when you get closer to getting married, I guess.

Jimmer: What if we have a baby that’s deaf?

Me: Well, I guess you and the child would learn sign language so you can talk with each other.

Jimmer: Yeah, I’ll teach him that if he wiggles his fingers under his chin, it means he’s dirty. (pause) Maybe Coco (the gorilla) can teach him sign language. Coco is good at sign language, and he loves babies. He’d probably like to play with him a lot. (A eureka moment…) Oh, if I had a baby that was deaf, he could get one of those things that sticks to his head and helps him hear!

Me: A cochlear implant?

Jimmer: Yep, then he could hear and talk to me better. (slight pause) Maybe you and Daddy will live in a two-story house, and I’ll live in a one-story house. Do you think the other kids will live by us too?

Me: Maybe we should ask them.

This conversation went on for about 10 minutes longer, until we got home, and involved all sorts of important philosophy from his perspective. I wish I had a video camera in the van mounted and fixed on him just for these moments. Needless to say, we BOTH have enjoyed our fun time together this week.

I’ve also been able to practice a little violin with him this week.

Part of the kids' violin training is to learn and practice their songs in various ways: listening to the song many times, singing with their Solfege (do-re-mi) map, singing the words to the melody, and then playing it on the violin--still cello style since we didn't advance to using the bow before our teacher had to go teach elsewhere for a few weeks. Using all these methods is supposed to help the kids' ear training and eventually to develop comfort in playing songs in different keys. So, here's Jimmer practicing his Solfege Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Jimmer and I will have to plan a special morning tomorrow before we attend the other kids' art show at noon when they're all done with camp.

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Angela said...

That was so much fun to read. Isn't it great when you get some alone time with just one of them for a bit? It puts a whole new perspective on things. Also- the video was fun to watch! It brought back memories of my old Suzuki days!