Sunday, July 27, 2008

Synchronized splashing

On Sundays in summer, we oftentimes go to a later church service than usual so the kids can go to the pool first thing in the morning before the sun gets too intense.

Today, they were synchronized.
Synchronized flips.
Synchronized free for all.
Can opener jumps (a la Mr. Dupler, who taught the kids this one off our boat last week...when we lost our anchor).
Pencil jumps.
Breaking for breakfast!
Mary Kate won the most distorted face and neck contest in our "Calvin" shot!They were all pretty mellow at church today!


Angela said...

that looks like a blast! what time do you go out there?? i just ask b/c you mentioned you were breaking for breakfast! you must have hit the pool early!!

Laura said...

Joe took them down around 8 until 10am. Can you imagine Joe said he felt chilled? He was in the shade the whole time, it was early, and there was a nice breeze. Bring the hot chocolate next time! Oh yeah, it was supposed to get up to 102 today. Skip the cocoa! Save it for the boat in January!

Lisa said...

That is hysterical!

l e a h said...

What a fantastic set of pictures! Wow.