Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Along Icefields Parkway--Lake Louise to Jasper National Park

Between Lake Louise and Jasper is a beautiful stretch of highway that is considered the backbone of our continent called Icefields Parkway.

We stopped at Crowfoot Glacier. Can you see the crow foot shape?Well, it used to have three toes, but the lower toe melted. Now the middle toe is also disappearing. It still looks like a crowfoot to me though.Since it was pretty rainy, we decided to wait until the next day to do hiking and outdoor site seeing. So, we had a longer driving day as we drove to Jasper. This was some of the scenery in the RV along the way.

Grampy and Mikey snoozing at the table
Incognito kids
We ate dinner in Jasper, and we went to--as you can imagine with 8 people camping including 4 young children--a laundromat.Turns out that this stop was quite productive for the kids as they found money between many of the washers and dryers. Mikey hauled in over $4.50, Jimmer earned a toonie for letting a guy know that he left money in the change machine......and the girls each found a number of coins as well.

One of our beautiful campsites
Mary Kate spotted a bear trapJust checkin'


l e a h said...

global warming glaciers melting rivers flooding get a kayak...or something like that

Love this post! Love the pics, and the account of your resourceful brood at the laundromat.

You are so blessed!

Laura said...

Ha! I would LOVE a kayak. We'd need more than one, I'm afraid.

I guess after I thought about it--us touring the area in a big gas-guzzling RV (<8 mpg)--it seems pretty ridiculous that we just stand there in awe of it all instead of being ashamed of ourselves for adding to the warming effect, right? Exhaust--cough, cough!

Okay, we added a little to their economy by being tourists as they promote. Maybe they'll use some of the funds for helping the environment! I will say, we paid a lot more for gas in Canada--something like $1.49/liter (>$5/gallon).