Thursday, October 2, 2008

Columbia Glacier and Yoho National Park

The Columbia Glacier (in Jasper National Park) looks so ethereal.
Close up--at the foot of the receding glacier
You can see that the inside of a (cold) glacier really does look icy blue!

This is the HUGE Ice Explorer vehicle that takes you on top of the glacier.Check out the gigantic tires! If you're within 5 ft of the vehicle, all you smell is rubber.

Buddy boy brothers
We went over some more mountains and headed for Yoho National Park. This is where we got stopped so workers could clean up a rock slide. Since they had to stop traffic on both sides to work, they could only work in 20 minute increments. Part of their clean up included a couple of guys rappelling on the cliff hitting the rocks and making some more big rocks and boulders come down. The kids enjoyed watching it all.
Beauty all around!
In Yoho we stopped at Emerald Lake. This is an untouched photo that shows the bright emerald color of the water.Gotta love that glacial rock flour! Or is it an alien lake...or did the Tidy Bowl Man visit? Enjoy the color now since it won't be looking like that after the glaciers are gone.

Hiking around Emerald Lake in Yoho National ParkJimmer still loves to hold hands!

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Angela said...

These pictures are absolutely breathtaking. they are of things I've never seen in real life before! Oh, I would love to experience it sometime. How wonderful- and memorable- for the kids to see these things up close and in person. What a great learning experience, too! I have LOVED looking at these vacation pictures!!